2017 Is Looking Luscious For AngelsLocks

Written by Wesley Horan on 24th November 2016

AngelsLocks were named the first ever “Sheppey Business of the Year” at the 2016 Swale Business Awards. Since winning the award business has been thriving and they have just added a new premium product to their range of hair products.


Managing Director Angela Croall is planning on leading her team into a successful 2017 and beyond. When asked what her future plans were, Angela said: “Next year I plan to work heavily on the marketing side of the business to utilise strategies which are different to other companies in our industry in order to set us apart from the competition.”


In the time since AngelsLocks were named Sheppey Business of the Year they have already secured a number of new accounts and have fully launched their training program. The training program will be a huge growth area in 2017, and Angela already has plans to double the amount of courses that are available over the next 12 months.


So how did it feel to win the coveted title of Sheppey Business of the Year? What were the benefits to AngelsLocks? Angela discussed her success: “I was very pleased to win the award and it was lovely to see our hard work being recognised. I would say that entering the awards two years in a row made me analyse my business and realise how far we had come from one year to the next. Sometimes you can be so busy working with in your business that you lose the focus needed to actually work on it to move it forward. I realised that working more on my business throughout the second year is what made the difference.”


Finally, Angela has a message to all businesses that are thinking of entering the 2017 awards: “I think that if you have a business that you are passionate about that you should let others know by entering the awards. I only became aware of how many amazing businesses there were around once I entered. Seeing them all and hearing their stories gives encouragement to others thinking of starting up a business as every single one starts with an idea and it is such a positive way to get the message out that if you work hard at something it really can pay off!”

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