Handelsbanken: Supporting the Fantastic Local Businesses of Swale

Written by Wesley Horan on 06th June 2018

Handelsbanken, one of our principal sponsors, discussed why they have been supporting the Swale Business Awards for the last several years.


We are a global bank with a banking model which is based on each branch servicing a specific local geography. For us at Handelsbanken Chatham this means we focus on forging local relationships with good businesses and individuals located across the Medway and Swale areas.

The Swale Business Awards provides us with an excellent opportunity to really engage with, support and give something back to the local business community.

Since becoming a principal sponsor our hopes and expectations for the Swale Business Awards have been well and truly exceeded. The awards have provided us with a great platform to become truly engaged with the local business community and promote the Handelsbanken story. More importantly though we have met many businesses and individuals that have subsequently become clients, advocates and friends as part of the awards. It never ceases to amaze me how many fantastic local businesses there are right under our noses doing wonderful things and the awards provide the perfect setting to champion and showcase these.

Within the banking and financial services sector we find that customers want choice and also respond very positively to dealing with people they know and trust. We live in a world where many things are instant and social media and digital platforms ensure this is the case. There is however still a place for traditional relationship banking, where a phone is answered and you are a client with a name who is known and understood. We take time to get to know all of our customers individually and we want to work with individuals and businesses that welcome and appreciate this personal interaction and service. Through really getting to know our customers we are then able to provide bespoke and tailored financial solutions specific to each customers individual requirements. 

In summary, for us at Handelsbanken the awards are a perfect fit and we would urge anyone thinking about being involved with the awards to do so.

If you would like to know more about how Handelsbanken can help your business, please email Claire Hayward  or call 01634 890 951.

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