Antipodean Action

It’s a known fact that all sports teams have a coach. Whether you’re a top-flight tennis star or a Premier League footballer, you will always have someone teaching you and helping you to develop. Antipodean Action is taking that mentality and applying it to businesses in Swale – with very positive results.

The two-person, husband and wife team of Peter and Janelle O’Keeffe relocated to Faversham from New Zealand, where they had been coaching and mentoring business owners for over 15 years. They then began building a network of connections throughout the area for their services. Janelle spoke about the transition: “It was difficult at first. We found that unlike business owners in New Zealand, Australia or the USA, British business owners saw having a business coach as a sign of weakness. They thought it made them a failure. Over the past year we’ve been working to show them that, in fact, it’s the opposite! Having a coach means that you are committed to making your business a success and to being successful yourself. It is about having the ability to break through the glass ceiling to the next level.”

Janelle and Peter have a number of goals for the Swale Business community, including changing their financial, economic and social footprint. They aim to help business owners reduce the number of hours they work weekly, by having proper processes driving the business; to help them make a decent profit by knowing and working on the important numbers in the business, and ensuring the team dynamics of staff are aligned with the owner’s vision and mission.

Peter discussed why he felt that Antipodean Action deserved to be recognised at the 2016 Swale Business Awards: “We are making a difference in our clients’ lives, because they are seeing the value we bring to them and their business and they are understanding how to run a commercially profitable business that if necessary can work without them. We have clients whose businesses are so successful they now have staff running the day-to-day minutiae while they’re off travelling the world – the ultimate goal for some! Finally, we are business coaches with infectious enthusiasm who enjoy adding value to a business through our own unique style and passion for improvement.”

Antipodean Action
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