Ollie Bongo's Pet Essentials

Ollie Bongo’s Pet Essentials proves that the Swale Business Awards are for successful businesses, no matter what size they are. A thriving sole trader, operating since 2014, Ollie Bongo sells pet foods and accessories and offers nutritional advice for pet owners.

Based in Faversham, the family business belongs to Kevin and Sharon Moon. Kevin spoke about what set Ollie Bongo’s Pet Essentials apart from the competition: “Our customers are people who really care about their pets. We go out of our way to find higher quality products to offer, as well as products that are unique to our store. Our aim is to really educate people about pet foods, as many may not realise how bad some of the big name food brands actually can be for their pets.”

Ollie Bongo’s Pet Essentials has progressed hugely in the last twelve months. They have refitted their shop to a style that matches their mandate of promoting natural, healthy pet food. Customer service has been another huge focus, with Kevin offering free delivery and also accommodating customer requests by sourcing specially requested items, even if they are not ones he would usually stock.

Kevin has big plans for the future, including expanding to a second location and opening a doggy boutique. The business has thrived by catering to more discerning pet owners, who want the absolute best and healthiest options for their furry friends.

Kevin discussed why he felt that Ollie Bongo’s Pet Essentials should be recognised at the Swale Business Awards: “I believe that we deserve an award for all the hard work turning the shop from an indoor market stall with budget goods into a high quality boutique type haven for all animal lovers.”

Ollie Bongo’s Pet Essentials
11 Market Place
ME13 7AG
01795 530222