PlantWorks Ltd

Many businesses talk about “growth”, but for PlantWorks, growing is what the business does – both in terms of the performance of the business and in terms of the products that PlantWorks produces as a company. The Kent Science Park based business has grown dramatically since its inception in 2000 – all thanks to how its products help plants to grow!

Natallia Gulbis is the Technical Manager at PlantWorks. She explained what the business does, “We research, mass produce and supply mycorrhizal fungi and plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria. Our rootgrow(TM) product contains completely natural and 100% UK origin mycorrhizal fungi suitable for use on plants, trees, shrubs and edibles. Within as little as four weeks rootgrow(TM) creates an entire secondary root system that will support a plant for its lifetime. This results in superior water and nutrient uptake enhanced natural vigour, added resilience in overcoming replant problems and plants needing less synthetic fertilisers. In lay-person’s terms, we help plants to grow at quicker pace and ensure that they have better and stronger roots.”

PlantWorks is an exclusive producer of mycorrhizal fungi in the UK and one of the largest producers in Europe. The scientific business is now also moving into the horticultural/agricultural market, with the development of eight new biologically active products aimed specifically at the commercial horticulture and arable farming sectors. As growers seek to modulate artificial inputs in farming and maintain and increase yields, it is clear the soil biology has a key role and the remarkable mycorrhizal fungi in synergy with beneficial bacteria will need to play its part.

Natallia spoke about what sets PlantWorks apart from the competition in the 2016 Swale Business Awards: “To quote Franklin Roosevelt, ‘a nation that destroys its soils, destroys itself.’ We produce unique products that will help to decrease and eventually stop the use of chemical inputs such as synthetic fertilisers or pesticides and increase soil health. We have been supplying product to the hobby gardener market for many years, but now there is a strong move into conservation agriculture, and we are delighted that we can be a key part of the movement to improve the quality of soil in the UK, and across the world.”

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