William Whitmey Independent Funeral Directors

Hot on the heels of winning consecutive “Customer Service and Commitment” awards at the 2015 and 2016 Swale Business Awards; William Whitmey Independent Funeral Directors has once again thrown their “top hat” into the ring for the Swale Business Awards. The small, family run independent funeral directors has now been operating for three years and currently employs two full-time and six part-time members of staff.

The thriving business has developed a strong reputation within Swale, which in turn has led to clients approaching them from Maidstone, Canterbury, Medway and London.

Managing Director Alex Whitmey discussed what had changed with the business in the last year: “Over the course of the last twelve months we have invested in a new fleet of vehicles, including a new hearse, two new limousines and a private ambulance. We have also invested in a new website, in which we have embraced video as a way to introduce ourselves to prospective customers.”

With more and more families facing financial struggles, the team at William Whitmey has also worked to develop cost-effective options for those on a tighter budget. Not only have William Whitmey signed the “Fair Funerals Pledge” but they have developed a variety of options for customers with limited resources. These include services without a minister (Alex delivers the service) and early funeral options taking place before 10AM.

Although far from being a “one man band”, Alex’s leadership and his position at the forefront of the company has clearly had a positive effect on the business. With an ever-expanding catalogue of positive online reviews, it is Alex himself who is often cited as the reason for such glowing feedback, with one customer commenting: “Alex has the rare and enviable quality of making you feel like you’ve known him all your life as a trusted friend”.

Alex spoke about why he felt that William Whitmey Independent Funeral Directors should be recognised for the third consecutive year at the Swale Business Awards: “We are proud to be a business in Swale and I feel that now we are at the heart of the Swale Business Community. What we do is indispensible in society and I believe it is part professional and part vocational. We ensure that we are always available to our customers, providing emotional and practical support, and our motto remains ‘the answer is yes, now what is the question?’”

William Whitmey Independent Funeral Directors
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