Buddies Day Service

Our next business provides a vital service to people with disabilities or those who are socially isolated. Buddies Day Service provides trips out and activities for the groups mentioned above. Manager Philip Charles and his team of three volunteers have spent the last year establishing the service.

Philip discussed what made Buddies Day Service stand out: “we have a fantastic ethos and a great location, we have no competition as everyone is treated the same. Our main idea was to produce art to sell which has been a big part of our fundraising and also keeping fit and healthy is a big focus for our clients.”

Philip has worked in the care sector for over 16 years and has fostered an environment where people can have fun, learn, make friends and enjoy themselves. As well as the Day Service they also offer one-to-one community support, assisting with things such as shopping, bill payments or fun activities such as bingo trips. They work closely with the local college to help students in their work experience and obviously work hard on fundraising to allow them to do more things with their clients.

Philip discussed why he felt that Buddies Day Service should be recognised at the Swale Business Awards: “I have worked in the care sector for many years and was happy being employed until last year when the company I worked in made the decision to close the day service that I was managing. I didn’t want the customers I had to lose out, so I felt compelled to quit my job and go it alone. Over the past 12 months I have built the service and found a place in the community where we are respected and known. The last year has been a struggle but we have succeeded.”

Buddies Day Service
Masters House
Trinity Road
ME12 2PG