Olivers Personnel Services

Sheppey-based business Olivers Personnel Services provide staff to work on the thriving Peel Ports site in Sheerness. Whilst their labour pool extends beyond Swale, they have recruited and retained 152 Swale residents in the last 12 months.

Emma Wade is Director of the business. She explained the successes the company had achieved since it formed two years ago. “A huge win for us was successfully securing the Peel Port national tender for the sole supply of staff to the London and Medway site. This is a three-year contract allowing us to find our workers roles across the Peel Ports site.”

Due to winning this tender, Emma hopes to be able to offer more stability for her employees. “Our goal is to be in a position where we can offer annualised hour contracts to give customers the flexible labour pool to meet demands, as well as giving our employees additional job security.”

Emma was delighted to be in a position to enter her business into the 2018 Swale Business Awards. “We are a true local employer – we’ve gone from having 73 employees to having 225 employees in less than two years, and over 150 of these are from the Swale area. We offer our staff reviews, as well as training and the opportunity to personal development. Now that we have secured this three-year contract, I am certain that we will be able find jobs for even more local people.”

Olivers Personnel Services Ltd
Archway House
Sheerness Docks
ME12 1RS

01795 580973