Peak Performance Business Coaching

Whilst many businesses will say that they exist to help other businesses flourish, for Peter and Janelle O’Keeffe, that truly is their business’ raison d’etre. They established Peak Performance in order to share their knowledge and experience with other business owners; offering a number of different bespoke services to help business owners make more money and reach the next level in their development.

Peter spoke about the different ways that Peak Performance could assist businesses in Swale: “All sports teams have a coach or a manager to help players train and improve, and our products and services help Business Owners realise they need help to grow their business, so they have a ‘commercially profitable business that can work without them.’ We personalise our service to each client and business owner. For example, we offer a four-hour recruitment process and training for businesses that want to recruit the right person or persons quickly. For start-up and small companies, we offer 90 minute, fortnightly sessions focused on expanding their knowledge and education in the Key Principles of Business to achieve real results. These services go all the way up to working with businesses with a £2-£5m turnover.”

One of the cornerstones of Peak Performance Business Coaching is their “Six ‘P’s of Business Growth”, which are Profit, People, Productivity, Performance, Plan and Perseverance. Perseverance is certainly a key tenet of Peter and Janelle’s approach, and Peter is keen to emphasise that coaching is not a “quick fix”. He explained: “Coaching takes time and real effort, which is why we are selective about which clients we work with. Our business model will only fit with business owners that have a genuine desire to change. That said, we are so convinced that our coaching will work that we offer a guarantee that if our clients do not make more gross profit that what they invested in coaching after 6 months, then we will coach them for free until they do!”

As for why he felt that Peak Performance should be recognised at the Swale Business Awards, Peter let his clients answer that for him. Luke from Rainham commented: “After only 5 months of coaching from Pete and Janelle, we are now adding on £46,000 of new business every month.” James from Faversham said: “The input from Pete and Janelle has made a significant, tangible difference to our business across the board,” and Deb in Faversham explained: “Pete and Janelle were both professional, easy to listen to and extremely interesting. Pete listens to what you say, and then responds accordingly, rather than pretending to listen and telling you want you want to hear.”

Peak Performance Business Coaching
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