Mr India

For over two decades, Sheerness-based restaurant Mr India has been providing authentic Indian cuisine with a modern twist. With a growing reputation as the go-to place for a luxurious Indian meal, Mr India now serves 50 customers per sitting. The business’ reputation is spreading, with the head chef having won a Bangladeshi catering association award, and the team being invited onto Sky Television to talk about their continued success.

Owner Soyfuz Zaman took over the business from his father. He has been pivotal in modernising the way the business operates and has plans to continue this trend into the next decade. “We have embraced an online ordering system,” Soyfuz explained, “which is easy for customers to use and is integrated with our website. Every customer remains special to us and many customers have become friends. I am trying to expand our customer base as well as support the local community – for example Mr India are now proud sponsors of four local boxers. This, in turn, has helped raise our profile and we have interest both from local celebrities and now also from international celebrities as well. This includes Love Islanders, X Factor winners, Eastender’s Shaun Williamson, TOWIE’s Liam Gatsby and West Ham player Gilly Flaherty.”  

Soyfuz feels Mr India stand out compared to his competitors because his approach to the curry industry is different. The menu at Mr India takes the concept of Indian food and pushes the envelope of what is possible. His ethos is that there are no boundaries within food and that through experimentation they can offer authentic and unique tastes for the customer’s palates.

Soyfuz is getting his message to his customer through a variety of ways. “We tend to target the majority of our customers via social media. We have found our Instagram and Facebook posts are very popular with a lot of our customers. It means they can see daily updates of our special dishes and also get a ‘first look’ at our new offers. We also realise that some of our customers do not have social media so we also cater for them by sending them regular emails and letters through the post. We also like to get involved in food festivals and do Bollywood events and taster bazaar nights, giving our customers and potential new customers a chance to enjoy a night full of beautiful food.”  

Mr India
2 Minster Road
ME12 3JD
07888 005 311