Rhubarb Business Services

Kent Science Park’s Rhubarb Business Services Limited is in the business of providing a range of engagement, business intelligence and tailored customer experience services and solutions through a managed service business model that combines technological and professional know-how with their own cloud-based proprietary software platform known as ‘RHUBAS’.  RHUBAS allows businesses to collect, analyse and make business decisions simpler.  

Having their own software platform allows Rhubarb to be agile and responsive to the needs of customers. Managing Director Paul Tidey explained the investment that had gone into this side of the business and the reasoning behind it: “Over the last 5 years we have invested close to £500k in our RHUBAS software platform and will continue to take a considerable chunk of our profits for Research and Development over the coming years to continue our product journey. We want to RHUBAS to be known as the ‘best in class’ when it comes to survey and experience software platforms. As more and more customers explore the possibility of digital surveys, having RHUBAS be as strong as it is helps give us an incredible USP in the market.”

Rhubarb has recently undergone a rebranding as part of their ten-year anniversary celebrations; and freshening up their image with a new identity is just one facet of their extensive five-year growth plan. This plan also includes supporting employees by offering an attractive array of benefits, which includes a leisure fund, extra holidays and birthdays off, vouchers on staff birthdays and flexible working.

Rounding off his application, Paul reaffirmed how important his team was to the success of the business: “We have a committed team of colleagues and as a result of 18 months of hard work, have recently secured a global brand, which we are in the process of rolling out our RHUBAS platform across their European subsidiaries. This is a fantastic achievement and will help grow the presence of RHUBAS as a leading research, survey and experience tool.”

Rhubarb Business Services
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