Slide dynamics rc

For three-and-a-half years, Slide dynamics rc has been building a loyal customer base of Remote Controlled (RC) Drift Car enthusiasts. The business has two parts to it: the first part is a remote control drift track which they run at Teynham Community Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday’s every week; as well as every other Sunday. This gathering attracts approximately 30 members, and the track is also taken on tour to local car shows. The second part of the business is actually selling the cars themselves, along with all parts and accessories.

Ben Houckham is the owner of the business. He discussed what his business had achieved during the time it had been operating. “We are the only track in the UK and we have built a large community of people who travel from different areas in Kent to enjoy the track. I would like to expand our local track even more so that more people can attend. We have been building our profile by displaying at Oh So Retro in Margate for the last three years, and have been featured in Retro Car Magazine.”

Ben feels that his business should be recognised at the 2019 Swale Business Awards because it is unique. “Our business is the only place in Kent where RC drift enthusiasts can attend, and although we are a small business we are selling products in the UK that can't usual be bought in our country. We provide our members with a great place to meet with likeminded people, in what feels like a social club setting.”

Slide dynamics rc
18 Nutmeg Crescent
07411 088 842