Tribeca Technology Group

Entering the Swale Business Awards for the second time this year is last year’s winner of the Employer of the Year award. Tribeca Technology Group is a thriving specialist managed IT support business that offers services such as Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Office Moves, Network Design, Data Centre Hosting and Disaster Recovery.

With 50 members of staff now, the business was delighted to have been named Employer of the Year in 2018. Part of the reason that they received this award was their ongoing commitment to providing their staff with a wide range of both financial and lifestyle benefits, which include private medical insurance, free private counselling and a £2,000 training budget for professional development. They also offer a raft of social events including weekly football, go-karting, Segwaying, panic room events and bowling.

Robert Blake is the Marketing Manager at TTG. He spoke about what has made his business stand out from competitors: “We’ve continued to develop our VIP standard of service to our investment management clients, which has been rewarded by business referrals and introductions. Two examples of the improvements we have made include reducing our ticket response times to less than 10 minutes (our SLAs state 30 minutes); and answering telephone calls in less than six seconds (we averaged five seconds across the year and continuously aim for four). As a business, we outsource nothing - all our staff are full-time employed. We use no third-party call centres or contractors, which means that within a short space of time, our engineers understand how our clients and their businesses work, and forge strong relationships with them. Our clients don’t have to navigate the automated phone palaver – within 5 seconds of calling they’re through to someone who knows them, their business and systems, and will work quickly to fix their problem.”

New products and services being offered by Tribeca Technology Group include Dark Web monitoring, Phishing testing and Cyber-security training.

When closing his application, Rob is able to offer an incredibly strong statement: “Across 13 years we've never lost a client to a direct competitor within the financial services space”.

Tribeca Technology Group
Hengist House
Pond Farm Road
Oad Street
08000 122 225