Julie Davies flower workshops

The Swale Business Awards are not just about the huge companies based in the Borough; they are also about shining a light on thriving smaller businesses in the area. Julie Davies flower workshops is a great example of a smaller business that has made a name for itself by carving out a niche.

A part-time businesses created by a working mother, Julie Davies flower workshops is aimed at women who want some “me” time and experience the joys of flower arranging as a wellbeing activity.

Owned by Julie Davies, the business started four years ago from her kitchen table and has grown to her offering classes online, so she is now reaching out nationwide (and even into the USA). Julie discussed how her business was different to anything else locally: “My Unique Selling Point is that I am ‘The Florist. That Teaches’, without having the trappings of an actual shop. This means that my sole focus is on teaching others. I help busy people make the best out of supermarket flower purchases.”

Julie has embraced digital technology as a means to get in front of her customers. In February she launched “FlowerStart” a four-week online flower arranging class; with more online services planned for rollout later this year.

Julie spoke about what she felt her business would bring to the Swale Business Awards: “I am a busy mum combining family life with a successful business. Because there are limitations on my time I have developed the business strategically and time-efficiently. With each step I take, my business is positioning itself further and further away from the staid and stereotypical image of fusty old ladies arranging flowers. I think if my business were to be recognised at the 2016 awards it would show other entrepreneurs that with commitment, drive and ambition a successful business can be built from your kitchen table.”

Julie Davies Flower Workshops
52 Lower Road
ME13 7NG