Carrington Foods

Established in 2014, Carrington Foods have developed a loyal and growing customer base that delights in the delicious variety of chilli sauces, oils and spice mixes the business produces. 

Carrington’s main product is a range of chilli ketchup sauces that are infused with various spices to dictate how mild (or extremely hot) they are. The Chillichup range starts with the original Chillichup (mild), Hot Hot Chillichup (hot) and Shut Up Chup (the hottest). They also sell Hot Chilli Hodgepodge (an extremely hot infused oil), as well as rubs/marinades.

Carrington Foods is the brainchild of Director Dominic Winter, who discussed why the growing business was so popular: “I think our products appeal to a wide range of customers because of their variety and varying strengths. There are many people out there who enjoy chilli sauce as an addition to their meal or who wish to prepare food with the added flavour and spice provided by our rubs and infused oils. Our sauces and rubs provide big flavours for a variety of meals. We also sell gift pack options that appeal to those looking for an unusual present to give to a friend who craves unique cooking experiences.”

The flavours in question are certainly appealing, as Carrington Foods have won numerous awards for their sauces, including winning first prize at the Great Dorset Chilli Festival and several of the Cheese and Chilli Festivals in 2017. Not only does this raise their profile in a competitive market, but attending these events gives them the opportunity to meet new customers and allows customers to taste-test (and then be converted) to their sauces.

Dominic spoke about why he felt that Carrington Foods should be recognised at the 2017 Swale Business Awards: “I regard customer satisfaction as being paramount and have built my business so far on this firm foundation. Our market place is hugely competitive but the feedback we get from returning customers gives us confidence in having both a higher satisfaction rating and a sustained growth that is superior to the majority of our competitors. We are a true Swale business that is developing a customer base throughout the South East and winning a Swale Business Award would help to raise our profile locally, letting people know that delicious sauces are being produced right on their doorstep!”

Carrington Foods
Poplar Hall
Head Hill Road
ME13 9BU