Queenborough Harbour Trust

After being shortlisted as a finalist at last year’s Swale Business Awards. Queenborough Harbour Trust (QHT) are once again putting their name forward for Swale Business of the Year. Established six years ago, QHT is the main provider of leisure and recreational moorings at Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey with any surplus generated from the operation being reinvested back in the business.

The Trustees have articulated the goal of the Trust as: “Our business is aimed at encouraging the promotion of Queenborough as a destination to support the local community and businesses by inspiring as many visitors as possible to come ashore and spend time and money in local shops, pubs, restaurants and maritime service providers. In addition we aim to encourage a wider understanding of the local maritime heritage and history.”

The small team of employees and volunteers have worked tirelessly managing the 100+ moorings available and keeping them accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have also delivered a number of additional services in order to encourage visitors to come ashore, including a free trot boat service, a scrubbing dock, free dinghy storage and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Over the last six years, QHT have done an incredible job growing the number of visitors to the harbour. The Trust says; “We bring a significant number of tourists to the area, especially from Europe – most notably Holland. We regularly receive visitors who have travelled from across the Atlantic and even further afield. These guests can stay a minimum of one night, or for as long as they wish – it is not unknown for people to stay for a week and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Obviously while they are here they are stimulating the local economy by visiting attractions and purchasing food, drink and supplies from local businesses.”

Finally, the Trust discussed why they felt this year QHT should be named as Swale Business of the Year; “Our organisation is working hard to deliver first class services that are safe, reliable, friendly and are value for money. We aim to raise the profile of Queenborough and the wider local community not just our own services. We work hard to attract and retain first class employees and volunteers, who can be ambassadors for Queenborough. As well as using our own expertise from a wide range of backgrounds, we bring in extra support and knowledge as and when it is needed to ensure we continue to develop.”

Queenborough Harbour Trust
South Street
ME11 5AF
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