C&D Logistics South East: Keeping Swale Moving

Written by Wesley Horan on 27th June 2018

Based at Queenborough, C&D Logistics South East has been serving Swale since 1994. Led by Chris Minnican, the business offers storage for commercial trade and retail caravan storage.


C&D Logistics are sponsoring the Swale Business Awards for the first time in 2018. Chris discussed why he made the decision to do so: “I think it is invaluable for local businesses to connect with others in their area. This is incredibly useful for keeping abreast of what other businesses are doing, and letting people know what it is that you are doing. We have been fortunate enough that our reputation has meant that we are very well recognised within our industry, but perhaps we aren’t as well known locally. The awards are a great champion for businesses like us – they help promote the great things that are taking place within Sheppey, and the rest of Swale.”


The business has previously been nominated for an award and also attended the awards ceremony. Chris suggested that other businesses should go out of their way to attend the awards. “I think even if you don’t enter the awards, or if you enter but aren’t shortlisted, you should definitely try to go along to the awards evening. It is incredibly worthwhile to connect with other local businesses, and again, see what others are doing. For our business, the looming shadow of Brexit and the industry itself means that there will be challenging times ahead. It is useful to see what people in different industries are doing as you never know when inspiration will strike!”


For more information about C&D Logistics commercial storage, please call 01795 660099.

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